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The NCCN Templates are peer reviewed statements of consensus of their authors derived from the NCCN Guidelines for the conditions the NCCN Templates address.

The NCCN Templates are not exhaustive and do not represent the full spectrum of care or treatment options described in the NCCN Guidelines or the NCCN Compendium or include all appropriate approaches or combinations of drugs or biologics for the treatment of cancer. Please note that the guidelines listed are Acrobat PDF files.

Discharge data were obtained for 275 519 surgical patients in 188 of these hospitals.

Results Richer nurse skill mix (eg, every 10-point increase in the percentage of professional nurses among all nursing personnel) was associated with lower odds of mortality (OR=0.89), lower odds of low hospital ratings from patients (OR=0.90) and lower odds of reports of poor quality (OR=0.89), poor safety grades (OR=0.85) and other poor outcomes (0.80Conclusions A bedside care workforce with a greater proportion of professional nurses is associated with better outcomes for patients and nurses.

Below are the top 50 books that every nurse should read.

) are posted with the latest update date and version number. Register for a free account, then click on the cancer types below to display a drop down of options.

NCCN Guidelines and illustrations (including algorithms) may not be reproduced in any form for any purpose without the express written permission of the NCCN. Click here to view the NCCN Guidelines Panel Members individual disclosures The NCCN guidelines are FREE!

To view these files the Acrobat Reader plug-in must be installed in your browser.

Click here for further instructions and a link to the free download site if needed.

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