Dating a blue colar guy

He gets paid by the hour to work a physically demanding job that doesn’t require a college degree. Which means, according to the evolutionary psychologists, that I should find him roughly as attractive as a serial killer.

Either that or I must be so hopelessly undesirable myself that I’m forced to scrape the bottom of the relationship barrel.

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For black women who have chosen to pursue the levels of higher education and profession, I think many have observed the lack of eligible male (particularly black male) counterparts.

And I grew up observing how the “white collar woman and blue collar man” can be a great match.

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” Are you a professional woman feeling pressured to turn down a great guy because he doesn’t have the abbreviations M. Fortunately, I didn’t have to deal with this pressure.

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One is that I’m a contrarian who enjoys going against the grain for the immature thrill of being defiant.

One is that I’m a sex fiend and my man is more boy-toy than boyfriend.

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