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His rule was confined to the western half, as eastern Mercia was then part of the Viking-ruled Danelaw. He was probably the leader of an unsuccessful Mercian invasion of Wales in 881, and soon afterwards he acknowledged the lordship of King Alfred the Great of Wessex.

The alliance was cemented by the marriage of Æthelred to Alfred's daughter Æthelflæd.

We capture transactional data, then use it to better understand consumer behavior and strengthen the ties between our clients and their customers.

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At Alliance Data’s card services business, we know 40 million consumers. They carry one (or more) of our clients’ branded credit cards, either in their wallet or on their mobile device.Chatbots offer retailers a cheaper, smarter and more efficient way of engaging customers, helping brands deliver everything from 24-hour customer service to personalized product recommendations – all without human intervention.So which retail brands are using chatbots, and how?The cross-industry self-regulatory initiative was developed by leading European bodies to introduce pan-European standards to enhance transparency and user control for online behavioural advertising.This type of advertising increasingly helps to support the content, services and applications that internet users can enjoy at little or no cost.Check out Alliance personal ads for free right now.We have tons of personal ads in Alliance, OH, meet someone today! After Æthelred's death, Æthelflæd ruled as Lady of the Mercians until her own death in 918.The couple's only child, a daughter called Ælfwynn, then ruled briefly until deposed by her uncle, King Edward.Over the past couple of years, augmented reality has become one of the hottest topics in marketing, and a new breed of mobile apps geared towards augmented reality has sprung into being.But just what is an ‘augmented reality app’, and what opportunities does it present for a new kind of marketing?

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