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But before that, Black love was disregarded and invalidated.

Slaves found their own ways to uphold love and marriage traditions — most people are probably familiar with “jumping the broom,” which was a way for slaves to recognize their marriages to each other when they didn’t have the power to be officially recognized anywhere else.

In an essay published on titled, “Stop Having Sex With Black People,” Iesha Mason gets to the root of loving Black people radically (especially with regard to interracial dating and specifically whites who date Blacks).

She writes: “I have noticed a trend of white people who like to have sex with black people but never actually show their solidarity with black people when s*** gets real.

, Keynote Speech at Facing Race 2012 Over the years, I have had many friends, both hetero and LGBTQIA(lesbian, gay, trans, queer, intersex, and asexual) people of color, who practiced radical politics in their lifestyle and work but I’ve noticed a curious pattern—that they almost formed romantic relationships with socially privileged—in other words, mostly white—partners.

Of course, Jesse Williams isn’t the first (and won’t be the last) Black man to date non-Black women. Even in 2017, talking about interracial dating — even within the Black community — is still a charged and difficult conversation.

And the reactions weren't limited to people we knew.

Strangers did double takes at the mall, at restaurants, as we walked down the street.

I witnessed first-hand some very self-destructive relationship behaviors that were inextricable from race, culture, and class identities.

Junot Diaz’s speech is the first time I’ve even heard of the phrase “decolonial love” and it immediately resonated with me.

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