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Pro Graduate is an insurance program specially designed to assist parents in preparing educational funds for their children, starting from their admission in the university up to the age of 23 years old.

Situs Inversus Totalis is a rare condition with not much known sex discrimination.

returns for its fifth year with an exciting presentation of the newest and most compelling cinematic work emerging from the region.

This year’s Festival features films from Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam; as well as post-screening discussions from emerging and veteran directors.

Steady Age, amounting to 50% of the sum assured (UP) which will be given when the insured reaches the age established (1) both when the insured is still alive or dead (2).This is the right time for you, where Golden Protector provide the right solutions in the face of the financial needs of the family in full-time work and retirement.Program that combines financial planning and the protection of life is certain.Such individuals are generally asymptomatic and have a normal life expectancy and it may go unnoticed for a long period of lifetime.Other congenital abnormalities can also be seen with this condition like cardiac defects, pulmonary infections.A little town in the UK has more to offer than a country the size of Europe.I miss Blackpool and have always compared it with places I have visited, nowhere has even come close.He has produced films for 12 years, including I first read about Chavoret Jaruboon in the Bangkok Post obituary in May 2012.What struck me was that he was clearly an ordinary man who led an extraordinary life.Named 'Vincent', the middle-aged man told BBC News that although he was fortunate to have the use of his hands, his own experience made him realise that others do not, and so have no way of satisfying their physical and emotional needs.That inspired him to set up his group whose website comes with a URL that many might see as tongue-in-cheek, or worse, online prostitution: But it's serious business for Vincent and his volunteers who have to undertake six months of planning and meetings before going into a session with a client.

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