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aka " Tits Mc Gee" [/quote] Ive  always wanted to see them live but havent had the chance yet.

I always thought Sherri was cute but i could never tell if it was mostly the voice making me think that or what.

No surface was safe from the incessant tapping of his only pair of drum sticks.

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Either you’re completely ambivalent about the Texas five piece or you’re completely obsessed so the fact that I’ve always liked Eisley well enough but never really loved the group makes me something of an anomaly in Eisley’s fan base.

Rather than going for an obvious band name of the Du Prees, they chose Mos Eisley, after a spaceport in . Your mom and dad opened Brewtones in Tyler – does it still exist? We were home schooled and I was an extremely shy kid.

They dropped Mos to avoid any legal attack by George Lucas, and for the last 12 years the band has created 3 LPs and 7 EPs. We loved music and our parents helped us in that regard, getting us to play for people. We have video of our first show and it’s hilarious.

Still a young band, the youngest member, Stacy Du Pree is only 22, they returned after a 4 year hiatus with 2011’s – an album that definitely shows their confidence and emotional strength. I was ten years old, white blond hair down to my butt, star stickers on my cheeks .

Listen to the title track, “The Valley,” “Ambulance,” “Please” and “Mr. Yesterday I talked with keyboardist/singer/songwriter Stacy Du Pree about Chuck E.

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