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It is a choice that has earned him considerable criticism from other secularists, including within his own movement.

"Those who criticise us for joining this coalition with Ennahdha [Tunisia's Islamist party] don't say what the alternative would have been," he told Al Jazeera.

Tunis, Tunisia - In a country still writhing with revolutionary sentiment and a deep distrust of politicians, this country's president is no longer bubble-wrapped in the comfort of unquestioning obedience from a subservient population, unlike presidents of the past.

As a democrat and a human rights activist, Tunisia's President Moncef Marzouki is an anomaly in a region accustomed to strongmen.

"Remember," Patai's father told the boy, "you shook hands with the greatest Orientalist alive." It was the start of a lifelong infatuation.

"When it comes to the Arabs," he wrote, "I must admit to an incurable romanticism." relies so heavily on generalizations and statistics that it represents the Arab world as one inhabited by automatons who simply enact the roles that their culture and climate have designed for them.

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They can also be used as dancers at private parties.

As for sex generally, Patai shows that Arabs aren't much more repressed than Westerners.

He notes the "extreme matter-of-factness with which sexual desires and functions" are discussed—a phenomenon that's "always been perplexing to the Western observer." , he related how at age 10 he met the famous Hungarian expert on Islamic law and history Ignaz Goldziher.

It is said to be widespread across southern and eastern Afghanistan’s rural Pashtun heartland, and with ethnic Tajiks across the northern countryside.

Tight gender segregation in Afghan society and lack of contact with women have contributed to the spread of bacha bazi, rights groups say.

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