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One of the hallmark symptoms of a narcissist is her inability to perceive others as people with needs of their own.

Narcissistic mothers are only able to see their children as extensions of herself-little mirrors that reflect back to her.

Check out our Summer Movie Guide I enjoy this inter-generational swap series from Girlfriends, but its rather regimented format comes a cropper in Part 7.

” I do not love; I do not love anybody except myself. The trademark of a narcissistic mother is her inability to give love or empathy to her child.

This occurs when 50-something Raquel and pushing 40 Karen briefly discuss the "club" whereby moms swap their daughters for some hot sex, no questions asked.

Second half of the feature has two different couples with only slightly better results.On January 1, 2014 it was announced that Moose had purchased O'Connell's interest in the company and that O'Connell will retain ownership of Groundwork Visions, the production company behind his Girlfriends movies to date, while entering into an arrangement to continue shooting movies exclusively for the studio.GFF operates a Studio system program with exclusive contract performers similar to Vivid Entertainment's Vivid Girls.Two moms meet for a hook up, but one of their daughters have issues with it, so the moms hook up with each other's kid, instead.Next, a girl and her mom's lesbian lover she stole from her mom, hook up with a mom and her daughter. I am capable of affection for those who reflect my own world.“ ~Sylvia Plath Does your mother fail to show any genuine love for you…or empathy? I am, to be blunt and concise, in love only with myself, my puny being with its small inadequate breasts and meager, thin talents.Long-running series for Girlfriends Films hits a high mark for mature ladies with huge breasts in Vol. I enjoyed seeing both Karen Fisher and Raquel Sieb as "daughter swappers" in the slow-burn high-octane first half of this lengthy feature.This brand of Adult lesbian entertainment provides a calming and soothing mood that is not present in other the only on-line dating service to feature mom and daughter pairs for dating and serious relationships. Just submit your photos and profile for MDEC approval.

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