Mistress chatbot

Having a real online dominatrix ordering you around will give you a high only heroin could compete with.

It's a true femdom pleasure many are experimenting with.

Men I do think I\'m a sadistic Mistress, I like to be mean, hurt and humiliate.

Not that I hate men, I do respect every human being and every living creature. When still I think the slave is capable to handle the torture I might not give mercy when he asks for it.

“I’m sure one can dream up various ‘practical’ uses of such work, but that isn’t really on our minds,” Rockmore said. ” He pointed out how NPR’s Robert Siegel (who judged the competition) said the softwares’ sonnets lacked intent, even though they followed the rules. “To think about it from a generative point of view, a rule set is either too abstract (e.g. From a training perspective, it’s not yet clear to me what you would extract from a huge set of exemplars.” Siegel’s response hints at the fact that each of the judges could pinpoint the software-written sonnets, as NPR’s All Tech Considered reported. Only one of the sonnets below was written by an algorithm… Answers below: If you guessed number one or three, you’ve been fooled.

Funishment is a common word used in these femdom chats.

Often times the mistress will give you a fun punishment to-do (Sleep on the floor, wear butt plug, etc.).

The British Institution Dragged off to a disused part of the facility in handcuffs by a drunken guard.

She swigs from Her brandy and taunts him in Her native Russian, spitting in his face as he grovels at Her feet...

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