Katt williams online dating movie

Katt Williams was a violent, cheap boss who once held her captive in a hotel room ...

so claims a former assistant and she's now suing him.

Our role as an independent, fact-based news organization has never been clearer.

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She also says Katt once left her stranded for 24 hours at an Atlanta airport with no money to catch a flight back home.

Katt Williams attended Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School but was asked to leave and then he went at Colonel White High School where he was an outstanding pupil.

When he was 12, he won a number of awards for science projects, which landed him a full scholarship to The National Science Academy in Dayton, but as soon as the young brain found out about the scholarship, he purposely failed a math test in order to be disqualified from participating in the program.

He is best known for his role as Money Mike in Friday After Next as well as for his permed hair.

Katt Williams has been making his mark in Hollywood for over 10 years.

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