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Protesters block a main road for about an hour to protest fuel price hikes in Mexico City - prices surged 20 percent in one weekend, which could cost the average person several days pay to fill their tank A man gives a thumbs up to passing drivers honking in support, after dozens of truck drivers angry over an increase in gas prices parked their vehicles, put up signs, and then waved motorists through toll booths without paying, at the Palmillas toll plaza, 102 kilometers outside Mexico City on the highway to Queretaro on Tuesday The state-owned oil company Pemex said Tuesday that blockades of fuel terminals in the states of Chihuahua, Morelos and Durango had caused a "critical situation" in distributing fuel to gas stations there.

Many Mexican Americans desire a wedding which reflects their native heritage.

The gas station attendants who had turned off the power to inactivate the pumps were intimidated by demonstrators into turning them back on, and allowing the residents to take the fuel A woman with a sign depicting a person held up with a gas tank pump, with the Spanish message: "Oil country, and the people without money," protests fuel price hikes by blocking access to a gas station on Calzada de Tlalpan, in Mexico City In the Gulf coast city of Veracruz, 50 establishments including convenience stores, supermarkets and big-box outlets suffered looting, according to a preliminary count by the local chamber of commerce.They dominated it politically for the rest of the pre-Hispanic period but did not build any major settlements here.Between the 12th and the 15th century, Matlatzincas moved into the area with permission of the Purépechas, who were based around nearby Pátzcuaro Lake.I was so pleased while reading through your wonderful collection of information about hosting a traditional Mexican wedding.You have all the details just right, and I really appreciate all the time you put into making this such a good resource.Your mention of the prayer over the bride brought back memories of my own wedding!I thought, with your interest in Mexican culture, you might like to see the traditional Mexican dress I recently sewed and embroidered.You must understand where ancestors may have originated from to plan the wedding reflecting your heritage. Please feel free to contact us with your comments, pictures, and any other traditions which you would like us to include. The Bride may wear a mantilla veil, or a slim dress with a bolero jacket, or even a Flamenco-style dress with ruffles at the hem. The groom may choose to wear a matadorian outfit – a bolero jacket with tight fitting pants, or, a Mexican wedding shirt with loose, drawstring pants.The mantilla on the left is the classic Spanish look, in the traditional chapel length with intricate lace detail throughout.The city is in the Guayangareo Valley and is the capital and largest city of the state.The main pre-Hispanic cultures here were the Purépecha and the Matlatzinca, but no major cities were founded in the valley during this time. The Spanish under Viceroy Antonio de Mendoza founded a settlement here in 1541 with the name of Valladolid, which became rival to the nearby city of Pátzcuaro for dominance in Michoacán.

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