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The hand-made, vulcanite stems were so perfect that clients often had trouble knowing which way to insert them into the shank, so Dunhill solved this problem by placing a mark, a white spot at the end of the stem to show which way was “up”.

Although Dunhill was brilliant at marketing his products, he certainly did not think of this as a possible trademark.

I can unequivocally endorse them as being first rate.

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Our friendly approachable team will gladly assist you in choosing your next briar pipe, or you can try our easy to use search filters.

Indeed, in 1923 he had to go to court to defend his original creation.

There is not a pipe tobacco company currently, or past, that epitomizes the word tradition more so than Samuel Gawith with recipes dating back to almost a decade before 1800.

The two churchwarden pipes I ordered only two days ago were waiting for me when I got home this evening. I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it has been to shop online with your company.

My e-mail requests were answered promptly and my order arrived right on schedule. I have ordered from many American suppliers before but no one has ever given me the kind of personalized attention and service that James and his people have given me.

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