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The first show homes in Livingston opened to the public during a special celebration in early March and demand is high. “We’re thrilled to open the doors to the Livingston community and extremely pleased to see the strong consumer demand – for Livingston’s homes and its community vision,” says Trent Edwards, chief operating officer, Brookfield Residential.“People tell me their community has a significant impact on their families’ quality of life, so creating the best places to call home for the thousands of Calgarians who will call Livingston home is truly exciting.” When build out is complete, Livingston will be home to 30,000 people and 7,000 full-time jobs.A massive, mixed-use development in the northern part of Calgary takes its name from the city’s historical roots and will create a vibrant, new urban community for thousands of residents and workers.The community of Livingston, by Brookfield Residential, just north of Stoney Trail on Centre Street North, was named in honour of Sam Livingston, who is often referred to as Calgary’s first settler.As the number of singles increases, so does the interest in finding a partner, and more and more people are choosing to use the internet to get in contact with other singles.

A sweet text message, a heart drawn on the fridge, or your favorite bread laid out on the breakfast table. Although many people are looking for love, Scandinavia is a region bursting with singles.

It creates movements that have aimed at building a system of symbols that look like they’re playing.

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The show homes open to the public showcase a diversity of housing types and price points from starter condominiums to homes from Calgary builders Brookfield Residential, Morrison Homes, Jayman BUILT, Cedarglen Homes, Homes by Avi and Avi Urban.

The large-scale development will be an urban centre in itself with more than 11,000 homes in seven neighbourhoods, 12 parks, six schools, 20 per cent open space, thousands of trees, an anticipated one-million square feet in commercial and institutional space, a sustainable lighting system and an outdoor amphitheatre.

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