Did alex deleon dating demi lovato

Recently, the 22-year-old beauty posted her beau as #Man Crush Wednesday and couldn’t hold back on how much she was feeling him, captioning the photo with some fire emojis, “Are you fucking kidding me?He worked so hard for so long in preparation for this role… taken-by=ddlovato When her boyfriend saw the post, the former he was “embarrassed” but “flattered” about the whole thing.Demi Lovato‘s wasted no time moving on from Wilmer Valderrama.In the weeks since the two broke up at the beginning of June, she’s been linked to three different guys. (No shame, just pointing that out.) First, there was 23-year-old Giants player Odell Beckham Jr., then 30-year-old MMA fighter Guilherme “Bomba” Vasconcelos, now, it’s, apparently, 31-year-old UFC superstar Luke Rockhold. The 24-year-old “Body Say” singer’s been quoted in the past as saying that she prefers “older” men, preferably of the Latino variety, as opposed to white guys, because when she “dated white guys, it wasn’t as passionate” as her relationship with Wilmer, who’s 12 years her senior. Today, she seems to be setting her sights on jacked, athletic types.As you may have notice, Demi Lovato is so in love right now with boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama.The “Skyscraper” singer hasn’t been shy about her relationship lately, specifically pointing out the times her boyfriend saved her life when she was struggling with an eating disorder and depression.Selena posted a group shot that included Alexander where she called him out as a “the best ever, gentleman/bodyguard” who happens to be the “absolute best way to end [her] year.” Kind of an odd thing to say about a your friend’s boyfriend…though maybe not if you are Selena Gomez and you are trying to make your ex jealous.

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Alex Deleon is the lead singer of the fueled by ramen band, The Cab.

Deleon is sometimes refered to as "singer" since there are three people in the cab named alex.

Singer has the voice of an angel, mixed with a little boy band flare.

He has recently taken to wearing one glove at all times, much to the ridicule of fbr_trash.

Deleon spills his heart on his blog, where he can often come off as ignorant or arrogant, but never forget Deleon is a tiny little guy with a heart bigger than his mole!

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  1. Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Future shot down reports that the two had been going out for several weeks, writing, "Single & focusing on what makes me happy." "Satisfying my fans with great vibes& waves consistently is the Turnup..winning," Future added in a following tweet. Celebs Who Got Tattoos of Exes Finally, after addressing the speculation, Future than stressed that he doesn't like addressing speculation, tweeting, "U kno I dnt f**k wit no rumors." It's unclear if Future's comments about being single are true, or if the couple is simply trying to stay out of the spotlight.