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An image of two sailors kissing is superimposed in the foreground.The clothing company Diesel appropriates such 'found' imagery to promote their jeans and workwear to its target youth audience, and to position the company in a culture of growing political and social awareness.

La Mostra di David La Chapelle a Venezia | Date 2017 ATTENZIONE: date non continuative.Soon, he approaches a winding gray wall topped by barbed wire. )As the anthemic strains of Alex Vargas’ “Higher Love” swell on the soundtrack, Polunin pirouettes for all he’s worth.Folks on the other side of the wall join in the increasingly frenetic dance and toss flowers over the barrier. With wild ballet dancing, same-sex kissing and an inflatable, rainbow-colored love-tank, of course!Fashion brand Diesel revels in diversity with its spring-summer “Make Love Not Walls” campaign, which was developed with Anomaly Amsterdam and includes a rousingly memorable short film by David La Chapelle.Photographer David La Chapelle was at wit's end last week at the Venice Biennale art fair after his longtime assistant, Fred Torres, nearly died in a sleepwalking accident.Torres, who'd taken a sleep aid, fell four floors from his bedroom window at the Ca' dei Conti Hotel, La Chapelle's rep tells us.The 60-second cinema commercial is filmed in trademark theatrical style by acclaimed director David La Chappelle for production company H. ("An exclusive chance to see the new video from the Ivor Novello and Mojo Award-winning singer, whose 'Back to Black' album has now sold 50 million copies worldwide.'Tears Dry on Their Own' was shot in Los Angeles by photographer and director David La Chapelle, and the single is due out in August.") Enjoy!Torres was treated for a broken pelvis, leg and arm.Art dealer Tony Shafrazi and model Naomi Campbell sprang for a medevac plane to get him to a hospital in Rome, where he's recovering. Wacky wayward widow Courtney Love made her way into Mr.

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