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Portfolio managers Robert Lovelace, William Robbins, Dylan Yolles and Noriko Chen will begin working with Capital Guardian's research team on September 1.

“The goal is to help make us the best investment professionals we can be,” said spokesman Chuck Freadhoff.

“We're taking advantage of research capabilities we never have before.”The four managers are responsible for various sleeves of the American Funds American Mutual Fund Ticker:(AMRMX), American Funds Euro Pacific Growth Fund Ticker:(AEPGX), American Funds New Perspective Fund Ticker:(ANWPX) and the American Funds Small Cap World Fund Ticker:(SMCWX).

American Funds' outflow woes — investors have pulled more than 0 billion since June 2008, according to Morningstar Inc.

Capital Guardian can provide you with a stable, supportive client-service environment, built on the Pershing platform.

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Looking at firms with assets worth more than US0 million, the researchers examined bankruptcy filings from a wide variety of angles, including the presence of hedge fund investment, CEO turnover, key employee retention, asset liquidation, debt recovery and emergence.

However, instead of going to the stock market and selling shares to raise capital, private equity firms raise funds from institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, endowments, and high net worth individuals.

Private equity firms use these funds, along with borrowed money and their own commercial acumen, to help build and invest in companies that have the potential for high growth.

The securities industry faces plenty of legal risks and compliance pitfalls following June 9, the official start date for the DOL fiduciary rule.

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