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Altogether, more than 43% of all New Testament verses are found in these manuscripts.But the most interesting thing is the first-century fragment.Note: Several websites (NT Blog, Gospel Coalition, Andreas Köstenberger, Evangelical Textual Criticism, Hypotyposeis, etc.) have been writing about Dan Wallace's comments to Bart Erhman about the discovery of several New Testament papyri. Wallace has already written a summary of the debate, and below he clarifies what these papyri might mean.On 1 February 2012, I debated Bart Ehrman at UNC Chapel Hill on whether we have the wording of the original New Testament today.Comment: It is interesting to note that every chapter of Daniel is represented in these manuscripts, except for Dan 12.However, this does not mean that the Book lacked the final chapter at Qumran, since Dan is quoted in the Florilegium (4Q174), which explicitly tells us that it is written in the Book of Daniel the Prophet.

C., devoted their days to the study and copying of sacred Scripture as well as theological and sectarian works.Worship at the sacred Jerusalem Temple had become corrupt, with seemingly little hope for reform.A group of devoted Jews removed themselves from the mainstream and began a monastic life in the Judean desert.Chapter 2 in particular is often hurried through for a couple of reasons.First, it’s considered by most Bible scholars to be prophecy that’s already been fulfilled, so those who look to Daniel for its prophetic reasons may skip it as a history lesson.It was dated by one of the world’s leading paleographers.He said he was ‘certain’ that it was from the first century.As tensions between the Jews and Romans increased, the community hid their valuable scrolls in caves along the Dead Sea to protect them from the invading armies. 70, the Roman general Titus invaded Israel and destroyed the city of Jerusalem along with its treasured Temple.Their hope was that one day the scrolls would be retrieved and restored to the nation of Israel. It is at this time that the Qumran community was overrun and occupied by the Roman army.The most common representative is dichlorodifluoromethane (R-12 or Freon-12).Many CFCs have been widely used as refrigerants, propellants (in aerosol applications), and solvents.

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